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Event Registration - Global Pre-Meeting Course - Modeling for Disease Outbreaks – Practical Approaches to Understanding and Using Models 20 Badges VIRTUAL PMC Global.jpg
Wednesday, November 11, 2020
The COVID-19 outbreak has demonstrated to the world again how rapidly a disease can move through populations, spread exponentially in numbers and locations, and impact transportation, economies and other important and significant aspects of life. The ability to plan and implement an effective response depends on predicting as accurately as possible who, where, how many and when cases will occur, with limited information. With this knowledge, responders can allocate resources to maximum benefit and enact the best preventive, containment and mitigation measures. This prediction requires accurate data, an understanding of pathogen transmission dynamics, the context in which the disease is transmitted, and mathematical modeling. Modeling is an essential tool in the study of infectious disease epidemiology, which allows informed policymaking, nowcasting and forecasting of epidemics, and real-time risk assessments.
Course Co-chairs: Kathryn Anderson, MD, PhD, MSPH and Julie Pavlin, MD, PhD, MPH, FASTMH

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